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Noibat (Forbidden Light 100)

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|caption=Illus. [[Anesaki Dynamic]]
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'''Noibat''' (Japanese: '''オンバット''' ''Onbat'') is a {{ct|Colorless}} Basic Pokémon card. It is part of the {{TCG|Forbidden Light}} expansion.

==Card text==
|name=Destructive Sound
|jtrans=Destructive Sound
|effect=Your opponent reveals their hand. Discard all {{TCG|Item card}}s you find there.

===Pokédex data===
|species=Sound Wave
|transdex=Even a robust wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to its 200,000-hertz ultrasonic waves.
|jdex=20万ヘルツの 超音波を 浴びると 屈強な レスラーも 目が 回り 立っていられないのだ。

'''Destructive Sound''' is an attack first seen on {{TCG ID|Plasma Storm|Exploud|107}} from {{TCG|Plasma Storm}}. This card's [[Pokédex]] entry comes from {{g|Y}}.

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