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Outside the [[Bell Tower|Tin Tower]], [[Sham]], [[Carl]], and {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s appear. The Team Rocket Grunts send out {{p|Cubone}}, {{p|Drowzee}}, {{p|Ledian}}, and a {{p|Ninetales}} to attack {{adv|Gold}} and [[Polibo]]. {{adv|Silver}} tells Gold that [[Team Rocket]] caused the earthquake. Carl then recognizes Silver, and tells the Grunts to attack Silver too, but the Pokémon that try are knocked out by Gold and [[Exbo]]. Carl's {{pkmn2|giant}} {{p|Piloswine}} appears, and attacks Gold and Silver. When Gold tells Polibo to use {{m|Water Gun}}, Polibo does nothing.
Silver lets Gold battle the Team Rocket Grunts, while he battles the Piloswine. Piloswine chases Silver, who is {{m|Fly}}ing on his {{OP|Silver|Murkrow|Murkrow}} to dodge. However, with the power of {{wp|liquefaction}} and Polibo's {{m|Whirlpool}}, Piloswine is defeated. Then Carl notices that Gold has defeated the Team Rocket Grunts' Pokémon. Sham then says that their mission is complete, so they can retreat. After Team Rocket retreats, Gold and Silver [[trade]] again. Then, Gold challenges Silver to a battle.
Meanwhile at the evacuation shelter, some doctors are taking care of [[Jasmine]]. She tells them about Gold and Silver rescuing her, but they do not believe her. Elsewhere, in [[Ecruteak City]] and Gold and Silver get ready to battle.



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