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Forrester Franklin

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Forrest was born around [[Rustboro City]]. In the episode, he has just returned there after traveling with his Pokémon for a long time.
When Forrester first met {{Ash}}, he asked for a battle as he was impressed by {{AP|Pikachu}}'s strength. He taught Ash about [[Double Battle]]s and they held the first Double Battle in the anime since the introduction of the concept to the games in {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}} (though the anime had previously featured one in ''[[EP108|Pokémon Double Trouble]]''). Forrester's {{p|Ariados}} and {{p|Yanma}} used many combination attacks to provide a threat but were still defeated by Ash's Pikachu and {{AP|Treecko}}. This defeat made Forrester realize that he still had a lot more work to do on his battle skills.
Forrester joined the group for lunch where he was reunited with Forrest. When Forrest announced his decision to travel, Forrester promised that he would watch over the forest for him.

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