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Bulbapedia talk:Project GlitchDex

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:As you may have noticed I made separate type templates for the glitch infobox. The reason being is that the standard Pokémon type templates add the page to type categories, and consensus seems to dictate that we keep the glitch Pokémon seperate from the officially recognized ones (That and many of the glitch Pokémon have glitch types, which don't have real categories (ex. there is no [[:Category: Pokémaniac-type Pokémon]] nor will there likely be one in future). [[Image:Ani201QuMS.gif]] '''<code>[[User:Abwayax|abwayax]] ([[User talk:Abwayax|t]]/[[Special:Contributions/Abwayax|c]])</code>''' [[Image:Ani201ExMS.gif]] 23:04, 4 January 2008 (UTC)
Okay. I've looked over a few articles and from what I can tell, the consensus within Bulbapedia is to '''not''' treat the glitch Pokémon as "real Pokémon". On the [[MissingNo.]] article there was actually an edit war with some people attempting to classify it as a "Pokémon", but from what I can tell the clear consensus is that MissingNo is not a "Pokémon". To that end, I modified the Template:GlitchPkmnInfobox so that it doesn't put the page in any Pokémon categories. However, recently MissingNo. was put into [[:Category:Normal-type Pokémon]] again. Should it be acceptable to include glitches in the type categories? I'm only asking because I don't want to revert that edit and inadvertently start another edit war. [[Image:Ani201QuMS.gif]] '''<code>[[User:Abwayax|abwayax]] ([[User talk:Abwayax|t]]/[[Special:Contributions/Abwayax|c]])</code>''' [[Image:Ani201ExMS.gif]] 01:57, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

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