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Ken (ICYR)

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Ken is first seen in a forest being attacked by a group of {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s lead by [[Borosue]]. Ken was saved by {{mov|Marshadow|Marshadow|20}}, who used its ability to move through shadows to easily defeat Borosue's {{p|Machamp}}, forcing him and the Grunts to flee.
As thanks, Ken takes Marshadow to a dojo that belonged to his [[Ken's grandfather|late grandfather]]. Ken explains that Borosue and his gang intended to tear down the dojo and erect a bronze statue of Borosue in its place. Ken reveals that he doesn't have the courage to protect the dojo and begs Marshadow to do it in his place. When Marshadow rejects the offer, Ken apologizes for trying to push away his responsibility onto it. As Marshadow attempts to leave, a group of Pokémon appear to play with Ken. Ken explains that the dojo serves as a home for Pokémon that were hurt or abandoned.
After spending the night with Ken and the Pokémon, Marshadow gets up and runs off. Marshadow heads to the hideout of Borosue and his gang, where it proceeds to begin attacking everyone. Borosue and the Grunts retaliate by sending out a total of one hundred Pokémon to fight Marshadow. When Ken arrives at the hideout, he is shocked to find that Marshadow managed to take out each Pokémon. Borosue commends Marshadow for its strength, but sends out a {{p|Gyarados}} after noting that Marshadow must be exhausted after fighting so many Pokémon at once. Gyarados easily bests the tired Gloomdweller Pokémon, forcing Ken to step in to defend Marshadow. Marshadow, impressed by Ken's courage to defend it despite knowing he has no chance of victory, hands Ken a [[Marshadium Z]] to put in his [[Z-Ring|Hero's Ring]]. With the Z-Crystal, Ken has Marshadow activate {{m|Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike}}, easily defeating Borosue's Gyarados.
The next day, Ken thanks Marshadow for helping him become more courageous. As Marshadow leaves, Ken promises to get stronger and become a {{pkmn|Trainer}} strong enough to protect the dojo.
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