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[[File:Ash with his Pokémon.png|250px|thumb|The photo of Ash with all of his Pokémon (excluding {{AP|Squirtle}} and {{AP|Primeape}})]]
* This episode was followed by a preview for the {{series|XY}}, narrated by {{Ash}}, and a preview for [[SS027]], narrated by {{an|Cilan}} and {{an|Brock}}.
* Similar to [[EP274|the]] [[AG192|final]] [[DP191|episodes]] of the previous three series, the usual ''To be continued'' is replaced with ''Next Time... A New Beginning!''.
* This is the first time that the ''[[Who's That Pokémon?|Dare da?]]'' Pokémon in the Japanese version doesn't make an actual appearance in the episode itself.
** Since {{an|Iris}} and {{an|Cilan}} had left Ash in the prior episode, only Ash is heard during the [[Who's That Pokémon?]] segment.

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