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Lily (Kalos)

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|epname=A Performance Pop Quiz!
|desc={{p|Solrock}} was used in the first round of the {{ci|Anistar}} Rookie Class {{pkmn|Showcase}},. whereDuring that round, it competed against [[Serena's Pancham]] and [[Nini]]'s {{p|Farfetch'd}}., The theme ofwith the roundtheme wasbeing a Pokémon quiz. They didn't manage to proceed, however, and Lily and Solrock were eliminated. It reappeared in ''[[XY101|A Dancing Debut!]]'', where it participated with its Trainer in the {{to|Couriway}} Rookie Class Showcase, but they once again failed to proceed to the second round.
It appeared once more in ''[[XY112|Master Class Is in Session!]]'', towhere competeit competed alongside its Trainer in the {{ci|Gloire}} Master Class Showcase. They were either eliminated in the first round or the second round.
Solrock's only known move is {{m|Shadow Ball}}.}}
|epname=Party Dancecapades!
|desc={{p|Pansage}} first appeared in ''[[XY105|Party Dancecapades!]]'', where she and her Trainer participated in a dance party hosted by [[Monsieur Pierre]] along with her Trainer.
None of Pansage's moves are known.}}

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