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Real Me

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title=PleaseReal Me |
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composercomposername=enJoe Garrity, [[Norman J. Grossfeld]], and [[John Siegler]] |
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'''PleaseReal Me''' (also known as '''Please''', '''Read My Mind''', and '''Who am I Inside?''') is a song that appeared in a scene in the dub of ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]'', when [[Max]] was taking {{DL|Max|Ralts}} to the [[Pokémon Center]]. It was never released on CD, likely due to the fact that it was towards the end of [[4Kids Entertainment]]'s run on the [[Pokémon anime]]. In the original Japanese version of the episode, [[Smile]] was used for this scene.
It's time for me to show you
Now I know that I'm gonna break through
Please try to read my mind
Please, try to read my mind
Then you'll see
Please, then you'll finally find me by
The real me
Who am I inside?
Read my mind</ab>''
|nl={{DL|List of Dutch Pokémon themes|Bij Mij}} <small>''With Me''</small>
|de=Sieh mich an <small>''Look at Me''</small>
|pt_br={{DL|List of Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon themes|Só Quero Chorar}} <small>''I Just Want to Cry''</small>
|sv={{DL|List of Swedish Pokémon themes|I min själ}} <small>''In my soul''</small>

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