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{{game|Emerald}}: Missing quotes
:''"The <sc>Trainers</sc> who have gathered all the <sc>Gym Badges</sc> of <sc>Hoenn</sc> should make way to the ultimate destination. The <sc>Pokémon League</sc>. Travel to the easternmost reaches of <sc>Hoenn</sc>, to the island of <sc>{{ci|Ever Grande}}</sc>. There, you shall find the <sc>Pokémon League</sc>."''
;[[Rematch]]{{DL|PokéNav|Match Call}}{{sup/3|E}}
* CallingAfter theregistering player (ready for a rematch):him
:''"HohoHmm... <{{Player}}>... Was it? Our battle together — it brought to me memories of when I first encountered <sc>Sootopolis GymWallace</sc> has finally reopened. IfPerhaps you wishare toa seegenius me,who youmay areyet welcomesurpass to visit anytime.<sc>Wallace</sc>!"''
* After defeating Champion, before rematch is available
:''"Fufu... <Player>... You've finally achieved your goal. My eye for appraising talent wasn't mistaken... I wish for another chance to meet you, for you have scaled the peak of power and prestige."''
* When rematch is available
:''"Hoho... <Player>... Our <sc>Sootopolis Gym</sc> has finally reopened. If you wish to see me, you are welcome to visit anytime."''
* After a rematch
:''"<Player>... Like the finest music, the battles we made together strikes chords of inspiration in my heart... When I close my eyes, I see visions of you soaring with the melody..."''
* Before battle

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