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Dub edits
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[What Kind of Pokémon Are You?]]
* The "two eggs sunny side down" were originally sunny side up, and the "super secret recipe mystery omelet" was originally fried eggs with soy sauce.
* Ash's "really tough training" on the mountain was originally referring to him meditating under a waterfall.
* Delia asks for a cartful of herbs in the original as opposed to 300 or 400 pounds of fertilizer.
* In the original, [[Xanadu Nursery]] is named after [[Florinda Showers]], being called ''Murasame (Showers) Botanical Gardens''.
** Its name in English is a likely reference to one of Coleridge's most well-known poems, ''Kubla Khan'', in which a greenhouse-like "pleasure dome" is featured. In Japanese, ''murasame'' refers to an intermittent autumn rain which falls lightly and heavily in rhythmical spurts.
* As Ash and his friends are walking to Xanadu Nursery in the original version, Brock quotes the Chinese poem Spring View (春望) when referring to how run-down it is. Ash mistakes the thick grass and trees he speaks of as steak fries, prompting Misty to berate him for his gluttony. In the dub, he simply talks about how beautiful the garden is before they encounter Gloom.
* Ash's "misty over a gloom" comment that offended Misty was originally a misunderstanding of the words ''Kusaihana'' (Gloom's Japanese name) and ''kusai'' (stinky).
** Also, Ash's backstory of the garden's former owner moving away was dub-only.
* The signs explaining Pokénip and Stun Stem originally did not have their names written on them.
* Brock's comment about Gloom not getting "gloomy" was originally another ''Kusaihana''/''kusai'' pun.
* Florinda taught Gloom Solar Beam after she saw it in a magazine in the dub, but to honor her family in the original.
* Ash did not originally mention that "plenty of other girls [will] reject [Brock]" in the original. He merely tells him not to worry then reminds him they have to get herbs for Delia.
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