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Ash's Squirtle

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It's too vague to guess whether Rotom was at Oak's lab or not.
epname=Here Comes the Squirtle Squad|
current=AtWith the [[ProfessorSquirtle Oak's LaboratorySquad]]<!--Please withdo NOT change this, it is speculation to assume whether Rotom was at the [[Squirtlelab Squad]]or not, its wording was too vague.-->|
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==={{series|Sun & Moon}}===
Squirtle and some of its fellow Squirtle Squad members reappeared in [[SM042]], at Professor Oak's Laboratory. The group wasbeing photographed by {{Rotom}}.
==Personality and characteristics==
* Squirtle is the only Pokémon that Ash has possessed for longer than one series that has never resided at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]].
* Squirtle is the only Pokémon owned by Ash to have used a move for the first time in a movie.
* Out of all the Pokémon Ash has kept at Professor Oak's lab, Squirtle took the longest to be shown residing there, at 969 episodes.
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