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Errors: added Swedish errors *phew* hope the Norwegian dub don't have this issue. This might need be cut down a bit. Feels like I somehow wrote too much..
* When Mallow is explaining the race to Ash, her finger is briefly colored the same as the plate.
* At the end of the episode, when Kiawe stomps on the ground as he still tries in vain to pull {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} uphill, he was seen with toenails.
* In the Swedish dub, several technical errors can be heard.
** Ash saying {{tt|Snöflinga|Snowy}} early in the episode, Rotom Dex saying Vulpix, and Sophocles saying Vulpix were replaced mid sentance which awkwardly cuts off the sentance.
** In one scene Kukui's voice was significantly lower then in the rest of the episode.
** Ash's English voice can be heard after Rowlet gives him a mellon.
** Lillie and the others are inconsistent on what to call Snowy, with Snöflinga being the most frenquently used and Pudersnö being used occasionally by Lillie and Mallow.
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