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{{incomplete plot}}
Ash is running to school with {{Rotom}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} with Ash excitedly repeating Akala as Rotom tells him to calm down, knowing that he is excited about today's field trip. Inside the school grounds, Ash asks Rotom what kind of Pokémon live on [[Akala Island]] but as Rotom does a search, he is hit by a {{p|Tauros}} which sends him flying as {{DL|Kiawe (anime)|Charizard}} lands in front of Tauros to stop him as its trainer and {{an|Kiawe}} arrive with Kiawe telling Charizard to keep holding on as {{ashcl}} look on as Ash lands on the ground. {{an|Lillie}} asks Ash if he is alright which Ash is before asking them what is going on with the Tauros and {{an|Sophocles}} explains that Tauros was startled when Charizard landed which caused it to get angry. Charizard struggles with Tauros only for a {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midday Form}} {{DL|Olivia|Lycanroc}} to jump down between them which Ash is amazed to see as [[Olivia]] greets them and goes over to Tauros and starts to pat it on the head before giving it a kiss on the nose, calming it down, much to everyone's shock. Olivia calls it a good Tauros and Ash is amazed as what he is seeing as Sophocles wonders who she is, {{an|Lana}} doesn't recognize her as someone from school.

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