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As shown in ''[[SS034|Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon]]'', Baraz, Meray and Hoopa also had other friends in Arche Valley called [[Lucianne]], [[Pit]] and [[Kevie]]. One day, Baraz, Meray and their friends tried to help [[Old Man Dom]] by having Hoopa make rain appear to stop the drought. This didn't work however, as Hoopa misunderstood and let it rain candy from {{OBP|Mira|SS034}}'s store instead. They were punished for this by Mira, and had to help her make donuts. They later got in even more trouble, when they accidentally broke an ivory statue treasured by Mira. They tried to glue the statue, but weren't able to make it look like it did before. Mira ultimately discovered this, but she wasn't mad at them as they had done their best to repair it. Afterwards they all enjoyed the donuts they made together.
In the present day, Baraz and Meray started a search for the Prison Bottle, as they wanted to bring it back to [[Arche Valley]]. Following a long search in the desert near Dahara City, BarzaBaraz decided to look for it own his own from his {{p|Braviary}}, and told Meray to go on ahead to Dahara City with Hoopa. They promised each other they would meet at the [[Dahara Tower]]. Meray and Hoopa continued walking and eventually saw the skyline of Dahara City glister in the sun.
Shortly afterwards in ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]'', she left Hoopa behind for a short time while she was getting donuts. When she returned, she found out that Hoopa had summoned {{Ash}} and was pulling pranks on him. After Ash had Hoopa summon {{an|Clemont}}, {{an|Bonnie}} and {{an|Serena}}, Meray introduced herself to them. While they were making plans to go to Dahara Tower together, Baraz arrived on his {{p|Braviary}}. He had found the Prison Bottle, but under possession of the Prison Bottle he used it to transform Hoopa into its evil [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Hoopa|Unbound]] form. Meray then stepped forward and used the Prison Bottle to turn Hoopa back to its Confined form.

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