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Mayor Karp

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{{incomplete|needs=Ultra League dialogue in 1.3}}
:''"Welcome to the world of Magikarp Jump! The name is Karp. Everyone calls me Mayor Karp, though. I'm in charge here in Hoppy Town, a magical place where everybody loves {{p|Magikarp}}! Everybody raises Magikarp around here. Magikarp is...well... It is a fine jumper, that's for sure! It can jump like nobody's business! Sure, it's famous for being weak and pathetic and utterly useless... Yet it just keeps on jumping! Ya gotta admire that, don't you think? That's why we all love this plucky little Pokémon around here! Here in these parts, folks love to compete to see whose Magikarp can jump higher. In fact, there are eight different leagues you can compete in. But we haven't had a league champion come out of our town in a long while. Even the Magikarp are beginning to lose their motivation! Our Magikarp are more like Tragikarp these days. We gotta do something to fire 'em back up again! That's why I called you here. You're good at raising Pokémon, right? I bet you could raise up a champion Magikarp and bring back our town's pride! We could really use a win around here. It would sure pick up our poor Magikarp's spirits! So, do your best to raise up some fine Magikarp and go for the win in all eight leagues! Now, why don't you show me your Magikarp? I'm sure it's a real doozy! What? Ya don't have a Magikarp?! Well, I never! All right, then. You head along with me."''
:;Version 1.2
:''"But...I'm afraid it looks like they're not quite ready for you, yet! Check back for updates soon! Try training up in the Expert League until they're ready for you to take part! So, my young friend... Go make a real big splash!"''
;After winning the Master League
:''"Congratulations on becoming the Champion of the Master League! You and that Magikarp of yours truly make the perfect pair! Seeing the two of you so hard at work has lit a fire under the other Magikarp, too! It's something all right... Just look at all the Magikarp! They jump higher than they did even in my own day! And it's all because of you. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing a thing while you've been out there winning league battles. I've fixed things up so that you can use the very same Robo Lab I once used in my own pond. And I've figured out a way to replace that Pro's Old Rod of yours with my ultimate creation: the Supreme Old Rod! This is it, my friend. Let's see what patterns you can fish up with my finest creation ever! And I'm still not done with you yet! I've fixed you up with a Pond Booster for you pond, too. Your training results are going to be off the charts. They'll be soaring as high in the sky as that Magikarp of yours! These Magikarp still have greater potential sleeping within them. I can feel it. They can jump higher yet! And I know for a fact that you're the finest Magikarp Trainer we've ever had in these parts. If it might be that a Magikarp CAN reach greater'll be the one to make it happen! It's unexplored territory from here on out, but you'll be able to handle whatever flops your way! And I hope I'll always be around to see the great heights you and your Magikarp achieve!"''
;When a Magikarp reaches its maximum level for the first time
:''"Oh! It looks like you've raised your Magikarp to its highest possible level! Your Magikarp can't gain any more JP than that—not at your current rank. This will be the final league challenge for this particular Magikarp of yours. Take your Magikarp as far as it can go—seize victory and it will have no regrets!"''

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