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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Calcium anime.png|thumb|200px220px|Calcium in the anime]]
[[File:Vitamin anime.png|thumb|left|200px250px|Vitamins in the anime]]
Calcium made its {{pkmn|anime}} debut in ''[[EP092|The Joy of Pokémon]]'', where [[Nurse Joy]] gave a whole bottle of these tablets to a {{pkmn2|giant}} {{p|Magikarp}}.
In ''[[BW070|The Clubsplosion Begins!]]'', a full set of [[vitamin]]s (excluding [[PP Up]] and [[PP Max]]) were announced to be the prize for the[[Don George]]'s [[Clubsplosion]]. tournament,They likewere howawarded the set ofto [[wingStephan]]s wasafter thehe prize for thedefeated [[Club BattleMontgomery]] Theythe werefinals wonof bythe tournament in ''[[StephanBW073|Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!]]''.

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