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The episode begins with {{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}} and [[{{an|Rotom Pokédex]]}} watching {{an|Mallow}} and {{TP|Mallow|Bounsweet}} practice together, confused at what the two are doing. Bounsweet is trying to balance a plate of stacked pancakes on its head without letting it fall over, and Mallow quiets Ash, saying she is concentrating. When Bounsweet successfully finishes its practice, Mallow explains that they are practicing for the upcoming annual [[Pokémon Pancake Race]], and suggests that Ash join up as well, since the event is a lot of fun and akin to a festival.
Later, while Ash is getting supplies with [[Professor Kukui]], they stop by a café for lunch. Kukui greets the waitress, [[Nina]], remarking that the time for Pancake Race has arrived again after seeing a poster for the event. Ash recognizes Nina as the girl featured on the poster, and Nina introduces her [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{p|Raichu}} to them. Kukui reveals that Nina and Raichu were the champions of the previous race. As Ash marvels Raichu's ability to float, Rotom Pokédex explains Raichu's Alolan variant to him, pointing out that Alolan Raichu is also a {{t|Psychic}} Pokémon who uses its mind to manipulate electricity and levitate. As Nina and Raichu serve Ash's group two stacks of pancakes, Nina explains that the race's objective is to complete the course without dropping any of the stacked pancakes as failure to do so results in immediate disqualification. Ash asks Pikachu to join the race with him and it agrees, but quickly develops a rivalry with Raichu after Raichu snubs it.
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Wobbuffet}} ({{OP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}})
* {{p|Rotom}} ([[{{an|Rotom Pokédex]]}})
* {{p|Popplio}} ({{OP|Lana|Popplio}})
* {{p|Turtonator}} ({{OP|Kiawe|Turtonator}})

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