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<i>The allure of free pancakes for a year draws Ash and Pikachu decide to join the Pokémon Pancake Race,! whereThe theirprize biggestof challengea isyear’s ansupply Alolanof Raichu!free Ofpancakes course,catches Team RocketRocket’s is interestedinterest, too.and Meowth hasbuilds a planrobot tothat build alooks roboticlike Bewear to enter the race. WillNina, theirthe inventiondefending takechampion, theis cake,competing orwith willher theAlolan realRaichu, Bewearwho catchquickly astrikes whiffup ofa theirrivalry sneakywith plan?</i>Pikachu.
Near the finish line, Pikachu and Raichu are neck and neck when Meowth’s robot comes blazing through—but then the real Bewear shows up to carry Team Rocket off. Principal Oak’s Komala is the surprise winner, and our heroes are in for another surprise when Lillie’s Egg hatches into a snowy Alolan Vulpix!</i>

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