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Iris calls out Emolga who poses cutely causing Bianca to let out a squeal before calling out her Pignite. Emolga lands a few hits with {{m|Hidden Power}} and Pignite retaliates with {{m|Heat Crash}}. Though before it could make contact, Emolga uses {{m|Attract}} to stop Pignite in his tracks. Bianca returns Pignite to his Poké Ball and calls out {{TP|Bianca|Minccino}} and has him use Attract. Emolga also uses Attract which cancels out Minccino's. Minccino then charges in and begins {{m|Tickle|tickling}} Emolga who in desperation uses {{m|Volt Switch}} and forces {{TP|Iris|Excadrill}} to come out of his [[Poké Ball]]. {{an|Cilan}} explains that Volt Switch forces the Trainer to swap the active Pokémon with another on in their party. Iris returns Excadrill to his Poké Ball and asks that Emolga must not use Volt Switch against her command. Emolga flashes a cute face at Iris who forgives Emolga and places her back into the battle, much to Emolga's disappointment. Bianca then orders Minccino to use {{m|Hyper Voice}}. As he inhales to launch the attack, Emolga uses Volt Switch and causes {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}, who had been taking a nap inside his Poké Ball, to come out. Pansage is then hit by the Hyper Voice, causing him to become furious and launch a {{m|SolarBeam}} at Minccino. Minccino is knocked out and Cilan claims Pansage as the victor.
Iris scolds Emolga for using Volt Switch without her command, which causes Emolga to pout cutely to Iris. Forgiving her once again, Iris and Bianca continue their battle by sending out Pignite. Emolga however isn't interested in battling and uses Volt Switch to send out {{TP|AshAP|Snivy}} then runs off. Ash then battles Pignite with his Snivy while Iris searches for Emolga. She finds her sleeping in a nearby tree and, while everyone is watching, Snivy uses {{m|Vine Whip}} to get her down. Iris scolds Emolga who attempts to charm her Trainer. Iris doesn't fall for it this time, so Emolga {{m|Discharge|shocks everyone}} instead. As they sit up Bianca comments about her hair after being electrocuted, causing Cilan to comment about her optimism. Ash's stomach growls so Cilan then offers to make lunch.
Ash calls out all his Pokémon and Cilan gives them all apples to eat. Emolga downs her apple quickly then uses Attract on {{AP|Oshawott}}, {{AP|Tepig}}, {{AP|Scraggy}} and {{AP|Swadloon}}, causing them to give her all their apples. After lunch the Attract wears off and the Pokémon, realizing their lunch had suddenly disappeared, began fighting. Pikachu attempted to break up the fight, but only got hit by everyone's attacks. As the Trainers come over to break up the fighting, Pikachu electrocutes everyone causing them all to fall over. After getting back up, they try to figure out what exactly happened to the Pokémon's food and Cilan exclaims, "It's thinking time!" As they examine the Pokémon, Snivy lifts Emolga up and they notice Emolga seems much chubbier than the other Pokémon. Cilan then explains that Emolga used Attract to get food from the other Pokémon. Iris gets angry at everyone ganging up on Emolga, and hugs her. Everyone then apologizes for being too hard on Emolga. Emolga notices that Snivy sees right through its innocent act and the two exchange glares.
After putting everything away, Ash yawns loudly and claims he's tired. Iris also yawns and Bianca suggests they all take a nap under the tree. As they're all resting in the shade, Emolga gets up and runs off into the forest. {{TP|Iris|Axew}}, and {{TP|AshAP|Oshawott}} witness this and go after her as Snivy watches. Inside the forest, Emolga finds a tree full of apples as well as a trio of {{p|Watchog}} sitting in it. She's intimidated by the Watchog as Oshawott and Axew catch up to her. She then puts on an act that the Watchog attacked her and prevented her from getting the apples. Oshawott then goes over and cuts down some apples using its [[Scalchop and seamitar|scalchop]] and brings them over to Emolga and Axew. Furious, the Watchog launch {{m|Low Kick}} at the trio who dodge the attack, causing the Watchog to crash into a tree. As they get up from the crash, an enraged {{p|Simisear}} falls out of the tree. The Watchog apologize for disturbing it, and the Simisear scares them off with {{m|Flamethrower}}. It then stomps towards Emolga, Oshawott, and Axew who are too intimidated to move.
Back at the tree, Pikachu tries waking Ash who notices Oshawott is gone. Iris wakes up and finds Axew and Emolga gone as well. She climbs up the tree and sees where they're at in the forest and the four of them go in to retrieve their Pokémon. Oshawott attempts to defend Emolga, who has departed to a nearby bush, and uses {{m|Razor Shell}} on the Simisear. It was futile however as Oshawott is easily sent flying into a tree and knocked out. Axew rushes over to Oshawott's side as the Simisear approaches Emolga. Emolga throws an apple core at the Simisear causing it to rampage and tear apart nearby foliage. As Emolga runs by Axew stops her, not wanting to leave Oshawott alone with the rampaging Pokémon. Simisear gets ready to punch the two when a vine wraps around its arm, holding back its fist. Snivy, who had been watching from a tree, saved Emolga and Axew. Simisear then fires a Flamethrower at Snivy who gracefully dodges and lands beside Emolga and Axew. Emolga begins backing away but is brought back by Vine Whip.

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