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{{an|Brock}} used baseball as a theme when he competed in the [[Gardenia Town]] [[Pokémon Contest]] in ''[[AG167|What I Did for Love!]]''. During the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]], he pitched baseballs to his {{TP|Brock|Bonsly}}, who caught and juggled them. His performance impressed the judges enough for them to secure him a place in the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].
In the [[Alola]] [[region]], Pokébase is a popular recreation which consists of [[human]]s and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} playing a baseball game together. It was introduced in [[SM028]], in which {{Ash}}, {{ashfr|his classmates}}, and {{TRT}} competed in a friendly match at the [[Pokémon School]]. [[ʻOluʻolu]] is said to be a very famous player.
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