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Water Pulse (move)

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|name=Water Pulse
|jtrans=Water's WavePulse
|jtranslit=Mizu no Hadō
|gameimage=Water Pulse.png
'''Water Pulse''' (Japanese: '''みずのはどう''' ''Water's WavePulse'') is a damage-dealing {{type|Water}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation III]]. It was [[TM03]] in Generation III and IV.
==In other languages==
{{Langtable|color={{water color}}|bordercolor={{water color light}}
|zh_yue=水之波動 ''{{tt|Séui-jī Bōduhng|Water's SurgeWave}}'' {{tt|*|Games}}<br>水波動 ''{{tt|Séui Bōduhng|Water SurgeWave}}'' {{tt|*|Pre-Gen VII Media}}
|zh_cmn=水之波動 / 水之波动 ''{{tt|Shuǐ-zhī Bōdòng|Water's SurgeWave}}'' {{tt|*|Games}}<br>水波動 / 水波动 ''{{tt|Shuǐ​ Bō​dòng​|Water SurgeWave}}'' {{tt|*|Pre-Gen VII Media}}
|hr=vodeni puls

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