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Escape from the future: Adding link to time travel.
Continuing to elude the Sableye, the partner loses confidence on whether they will ever return home. The player then proposes to the partner to catch up to the Grovyle, and ask how he had traveled back to the past in the first place. They eventually catch up to Grovyle, and save him from the {{p|Spiritomb}} who had knocked him out earlier. Though Grovyle is reluctant to help them (because the partner still does not trust him), he proceeds to tell his side of the story. The world's paralysis dated back to the present day, with the collapse of the Temporal Tower, governed by {{mdc|Dialga|2}}, the legendary Pokémon that controls time. When the tower collapsed, Dialga lost control of time, and it too lost all control. Dialga turned berserk, becoming [[Primal Dialga]]. Seeking only self-preservation, Primal Dialga tried to prevent history from changing, and hence its need to exterminate Grovyle and the team. The partner is visibly shocked by this revelation—and even more so when Grovyle reveals that he collected the Time Gears to prevent the tower from collapsing. Grovyle continues, claiming that the time stop caused by the removal of the Time Gears is merely temporary—the area affected would return to normal once the gears were placed in Temporal Tower. Grovyle then further revealed that Dusknoir is an agent of Primal Dialga sent to stop him and the team, and had everyone in the past played for fools.
Though the partner does not believe Grovyle, the player believes that Grovyle's assertions are reasonable, and that the partner cannot seem to accept the truth. The partner even thought of going back to the stockade and ask Dusknoir to reveal the truth. Grovyle leaves to find {{mdc|Celebi|2}}, the time-traveling Pokémon, to start his mission anew. Although the player is determined to follow Grovyle, the partner is more reluctant. Nevertheless, the partner agrees to follow, if only to find a way to return to the present. The group eventually manages to find Celebi, who replied that the player is Grovyle's friend. However, Grovyle didn't hear what Celebi said, and before the team can react, Grovyle reminds the team to get a move on. Celebi leads the group to the Passage of Time—a secret corridor spanning multiple dimensions. However, before they can go through the passage, they are stopped by Dusknoir and the Sableye, who had caught up to them. Surrounded, the group has no choice but to overpower Dusknoir and the Sableye. However, when Primal Dialga appears, Grovyle, believing that they are outmatched, has no choice but to surrender. He contends that at least hope will remain, for he had not [[time traveledtravel]]ed alone before. When he first traveled back to the past, he and his human partner had been separated. Dusknoir, however, believes otherwise, and forces Grovyle to tell the name of his partner - the player. The partner is surprised at this revelation—and Grovyle and Celebi are even more surprised that the player is standing with them. Grovyle refuses to believe that the player has been turned into a Pokémon, but Dusknoir had planned to eliminate the player and Grovyle, and had merely befriended the team and the Guild so as to destroy them all in one shot.
The partner is shocked by the revelation, partly because at one point they had idolized Dusknoir, and partly from sticking with the player. The partner has a plan to elude Dusknoir and his underlings—all that is needed is to have Celebi teleport them closer to the Passage. Although Celebi recognizes that Dialga could detect them, Celebi agrees to the partner's idea. They fail to escape Dusknoir, but they get to the Passage. Celebi implores the rest of the group to leave through the Passage, leaving Dusknoir to herself. It is believed that Celebi managed to elude capture as the group returned back to the present.

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