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Fire Punch (move)

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'''Fire Punch''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|ほのおのパンチ|Honō no Panchi}}''' ''Flame Punch<!--Blazing Punch-->'') is a damage-dealing {{type|Fire}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation I]]. It was [[TM48]] in Generation II.
{{movep|type=fire|ms=107|pkmn=Hitmonchan|method=One of Hitmonchan's fists becomes surrounded by fire and it punches the opponent with it.}}
{{movemid|type=fire|user=Bruno|user1=Bruno's Hitmonchan|startcode=PS066|startname=Punching Poliwrath}}
{{movemid|type=fire|user=Monlee|user1=Crystal's Monlee|startcode=PS313|startname=You Need to Chill Out, Regice}}
{{movep|type=fire|ms=034|pkmn=Nidoking|method=One of Nidoking's fists becomes surrounded in flames and it punches the opponent with it.}}
{{movemid|type=fire|user=Giovanni (Adventures)|user1=Giovanni's Nidoking|startcode=PS085|startname=Gimme Shellder}}

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