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Lana's Primarina

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[[File:Lana and Popplio.png|250px|thumb|left|Lana and Popplio]]
Prior to its debut, Popplio was bullied by multiple {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s. Lana, furious at what was happening, attacked them with a her {{p|Lapras}}'s {{m|Ice Beam}}, freezing the group solid. She then used a fishing rod to pull it to safety. Lana then took Popplio to heal its wounds. Lana decided to personally feed and care for Popplio, as she did not want it to be afraid of humans in the future. Popplio quickly warmed up to her, and became her partner Pokémon.
Popplio first appeared in ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]'' alongside its {{pkmn|Trainer}}, fishing for wild Pokémon. Once {{Ash}} comes to the [[Pokémon School]], it helps in welcoming him. Popplio later watched very concerned as Team Skull Grunts battle {{an|Kiawe}}.

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