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==In the anime==
[[File:Juan anime.png|250px|thumb|Juan in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Juan ismade quitehis thedebut celebrity typeappearance in the {{cipkmn|Sootopolisanime}} in ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]'', in which he was seen putting on showsa show with his {{OBP|Pokémon.|species}} Heat hasthe manyinauguration femaleof fans,an andart ispiece consideredin very[[Sootopolis dashingCity]]. InImpressed additionby tohow beingJuan's aPokémon Gymtook Leaderthe stage, he{{an|May}} iscommented that Juan could be a formergreat winner{{pkmn|Coordinator}} ofand thethat she had never seen someone using {{type|Water}} [[Grand FestivalMove|attacks]] in such a beautiful and creative manner. HeFollowing his water show, {{TRT}} appeared into ''[[AG110|Thetry Greatto Eightsteal Fate]]'Juan's andPokémon. ''[[AG111|EightJuan Ain'tinitially Enough]]''mistook whenthem hefor battledartists, but when {{Ash}}, whoand won{{ashfr}} thetold Rainhim Badgethat afterthey were a toughtrio of thieves, he easily sent them blasting battleoff.
HeAfter hasthat, Ash challenged him to a butler,[[Gym]] {{hopkmn|Sebastianbattle}}, whowhich alsoJuan accepted. He then offered the group a servesride asto the [[Sootopolis Gym]] assistanton his boat, where May complimented Juan for his performance. Juan usesthen uniquerevealed rulesthat inhe hiswas Gymonce matches:a Pokémon Coordinator. After winning the firstfive roundrequired is[[Ribbon]]s, ahe entered the [[DoubleGrand BattleFestival]] heldand inwon awith largethe swimminghelp pool,of while{{p|Milotic}} and the otherothers, roundsearning arethe held[[Ribbon inCup]] aand battlefieldreceiving thatthe resemblestitle aof lake{{DL|Grand surroundedFestival|Top by landCoordinator}}.
He reappearedalso inexplained flashbackshow inhe ended up [[AG120Type expert|specializing]] in Water-type Pokémon, revealing that he admired their streamlined physiques and ''their weakness to {{type|Electric}} moves. Max became intrigued by Juan having a liking for a weakness, and Juan explained that, throughout his years competing in [[DP093|PlayingPokémon TheContest]]s, Levelinghe Field!learned that being close to making a mistake is one of the best ways to add appeal to a [[Contest Battle]]''. He added that he has learned to be defensive against the most tricky attacks and to wait for each of them and then defend.
When they got to the Gym, Juan was welcomed by his butler and {{cat|Gym assistants|assistant}}, {{ho|Sebastian}}, who informed Ash about the Gym rules. In order to test his challengers and make sure that they are ready to compete in the [[Hoenn League]] {{pkmn|League Conference|Championships}}, Juan provides Trainers with a unique challenge: the Gym battle is divided into four rounds, with the first one being a [[Double Battle]] held in a large {{wp|swimming pool}}, while the other three rounds consist of one-on-one battles conducted in a battlefield that resembles a lake surrounded by land. Ash was able to overcome the obstacles imposed by Juan and, in ''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough]]'', he succeeded in defeating Juan's ace Pokémon, Milotic, thus winning the {{Badge|Rain}} and qualifying for the [[Ever Grande Conference]].
Juan reappeared in flashbacks in [[AG120]] and ''[[DP093|Playing The Leveling Field!]]''.

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