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Professor Sycamore

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Sometime after Team Flare's plot to use the ultimate weapon fails, Professor Sycamore apologizes to X and his friends for not noticing that Lysandre was actually the leader of Team Flare earlier. He asks them to head to Anistar City, where he may use the secrets of the Anistar Sundial to help them stop Team Flare. When X's group arrives at Anistar to meet with the Professor, they find him surrounded by four {{p|Hawlucha}} while dangling on a harness connected to the Anistar Sundial. X and Y free the Professor and battle against the Hawlucha, whose Trainer is hidden in the area. While X's team battles the Hawlucha, Sycamore reveals that the effects of the ultimate weapon firing on Kalos have made it so that X and Y can track Mega Stones with their Mega Rings, but only from 8 PM to 9 PM. X and Y decide to take this information to look for the Mega Stones for their new team members, {{p|Pinsir|Rute}} and {{p|Absol|Solsol}}, but realize that the person who commanded the Hawlucha is still at large. While X and Y stay behind to face the unknown Trainer, Tierno and Shauna take their Mega Rings to find the Key Stones for Rute and Solsol.
As Tierno and Shauna search for the Mega Stones, Y discovers the person who attacked Sycamore was [[Emma|Essentia]], a member of Team Flare, and battles her. With her ability to take the form of any person, Essentia manages to trick Y into lowering her guard, allowing Essentia to knock Y unconscious and steal [[Xerxer]] with her Expansion Suit's Poké Ball Jack. After her attempt to trick X ends in failure, Essentia is forced to use Xerxer in battle against X and Y. After Tierno and Shauna come back, they return the Mega Rings and give X and Y the Mega Stones to allow their new team members to Mega Evolve. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of {{padv|Zygarde}}, which aimed to suppress Xerxer's power. Though she loses Xerxer in the process, Essentia manages to capture Zygarde and escape.
Later, after Team Flare is defeated once and for all, Professor Sycamore, the Kalos Gym Leaders, [[Alexa]], [[Bonnie]], and [[Yvette]] congratulate X and his friends for their victory. Professor Sycamore proposes to have a party and parade as a celebration for their heroics, but Trevor declines, as he and his friends prefer to stick close to one another. Later, Sycamore talks to {{adv|Blue}} and [[Blaine]] about their involvement in the battle against Team Flare. Blue and Blaine reveal that after they witnessed Zygarde disintegrate into its Cells, they noticed a green figure from where it once stood. Sycamore reveals that similar creatures have been seen in the [[Alola]] region, and sends Sina and Dexio there to investigate. While Sina and Dexio are away, Sycamore has Trevor take their place as his assistant.

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