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Ken Sugimori

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Trivia: Let's phrase that less unprofessionally. And that source isn't adequate for two reasons: 1) it's Google-translated, which is not reliable, and 2) it appears to be a wiki, which means it's editable by anyone.
* Sugimori's favorite Pokémon is {{p|Gengar}},.<sup>''[citation while his least favorite is {{p|Venusaur}}.needed]''</sup>
** ThoughThe itJapanese shouldPokémon beX/Y notedStrategy thatGuide helists only{{p|Venusaur}} dislikesas Venusauranother drawing-wiseof asSugimori's favorite Pokémon, but he explainedhas thatalso "Itsaid isits hardcomplexity tomakes drawit becausehis ofleast manyfavorite lines"to draw.<sup>''[citation Heneeded]''</sup><!--Needs mentioneda Venusaurbetter assource onethan ofthis, hisnot favoritea PokemonGoogle-translated accordingone tonor thea Japanesewikilike Pokemonone X/Ythat Strategycan Guidebe freely edited. <ref>[ Nico Nico Pedia Venusaur Page]</ref>-->
* His favorite Pokémon from {{game|Black and White|s}} is {{p|Zekrom}}.<ref>[ What is Ken Sugimori's favourite Pokémon?] (archived)</ref>

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