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Pokémon Ranger (Ranger series)

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<!--==In the TCG==-->
==List of PokémonNotable Rangers==
:''See also: {{cat|Pokémon Rangers|List of Pokémon Rangers}}''
;Top Rangers
* [[Sven]]
* {{ra|Wendy}}
* {{ra|Keith}}
* [[Kellyn]]/{{ra|Kate}}
;Notable Rangers
* {{OBP|Ben|Ranger}}
* [[Jack Walker|Jackie]]
* [[Luana (Ranger)|LuanaKellyn]]
* [[Lunick]]
* [[Solana]]
* [[Spenser (Ranger)|Spenser]]
* [[Summer (Ranger)|Summer]]
;Other Rangers
* [[Aria (Ranger)|Aria]]
* [[Barlow]]
* [[Cameron (Ranger)|Cameron]]
* [[Chris (Ranger)|Chris]]
* [[Crawford]]
* [[Elita]]
* [[Freddie]]
* [[Joel]]
* [[Murph]]
* [[Percy]]
==In other languages==

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