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Luke tells his Golett to use Gyro Ball once more as Iris tells Axew to run from it. Golett continues to chase Axew for a while until Axew stumbles over, exhausted from running. As Golett closes in on Axew, Iris dramatically yells Axew's name. Golett is surprisingly thrown up into the air while Axew stands with a bright red aura around it. When Golett reaches the ground, Axew angrily attacks it continuously with punches and powerful kicks. One of Axew's kicks sends Golett into the air, Golett then smashes against the arena's border wall and faints. The judge announces Iris the winner and will be advancing to the final round against Ash. She rushes towards her Axew and congratulates him on learning {{m|Outrage}} as Axew begins to sleep.
Afterwards, everyone heads back to the Pokémon Center and Luke is shocked to discover all the footage Bianca shot was of his Zorua. Bianca shrugs off her actions and offers Zorua handmade accessories as gifts, and partial bribery to become her Trainer. Zorua refuses these gifts, and Luke reminds Bianca that he's not interested in trading away his star actress. Luke then remembers that he should interview Ash and Iris, the finalists, for his film. In the dining room, [[{{an|Cilan]]}} presents his friends and their Pokémon with their dinner which he was permitted to make in the Pokémon Center's kitchen to celebrate Ash and Iris's victories. During their meal, [[Burgundy]] approached Cilan and challenged him to a Connoisseur Showdown to evaluate his prowess as a [[Pokémon Connoisseur|connoisseur]]. He rejected the invitation at first, but then noticed Luke behind Burgundy filming their conversation. Cilan could not hold back putting on a performance for the camera, and immediately accepted Burgundy's challenge with confidence. The change in personality startled Burgundy, and [[Stephan]] appeared behind them and volunteered to be their referee. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is hiding out in one of the Ferris Wheel's carriages in [[Nimbasa City]], reviewing their newest plan. Meowth mentions there is one thing left to be taken care of and he will take care of it.
The next day, the final battle between Iris and Ash commences, as does the Connoisseur Showdown between Burgundy and Cilan. Ash sends {{AP|Pikachu}} into battle while Iris decides to use her {{TP|Iris|Excadrill}}. Ash starts the battle with Pikachu using {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which naturally has no effect on a part {{type|Ground}} like Excadrill. Iris then tells Excadrill to use {{m|Drill Run}}. Ash cleverly commands Pikachu to use {{m|Quick Attack}} which helps it dodge the attack. However, Iris's Excadrill grabs Pikachu's tail between its claws and thrusts Pikachu across the arena, and then slams it using {{m|Metal Claw}}. However, Pikachu manages to flip around and get back on its feet. Cilan and Burgundy continue to comment about Ash's and Iris's battle as Luke and Bianca film.



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