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Incineroar (Pokémon)

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* [ Official confidential art] featuring {{p|Decidueye}}, Incineroar, {{p|Primarina}}, and [[Mallow]] was leaked on the internetInternet on June 4th4, 2016., Thiseight leak happened 145 daysmonths before these Pokémonthey were officially revealed on October 27, 2016.
Incineroar appearsmay todraw beinspiration from a combination[[wp:professional ofwrestling|professional wrestler]] and a wrestler{{wp|tiger}}. (specifically,Its [[Pokémon category|category]] brings to mind a {{wp|Heel (professional wrestling)|heel}}), anda wrestler who embodies {{wp|vice}}, in contrast to a [[wp:face (professional wrestling)|face]], who embodies {{wp|tigervirtue}}.
====Name origin====

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