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Professor Sycamore

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|epname=Lumiose City Pursuit!
|desc=Professor Sycamore's only known Pokémon is a {{p|Garchomp}} who lives at the lab with him as the main test subject as he researches Mega Evolution. When itshe was still a {{p|Gible}}, itshe rampaged through [[Lumiose City]], only to be stopped by Sycamore's assistant [[Alain]]. Alain took her to Sycamore's laboratory, where she then came to live. She gradually started to trust Sycamore and the other Pokémon at the lab, and after some time evolved into a {{p|Gabite}} and finally into Garchomp.
Despite her fearsome appearance, Garchomp is very gentle as shown by her concern for Froakie. She also enjoys company, and happily allows others to pet her. However, when Team Rocket attempted to capture Froakie, Garchomp defended it from Team Rocket's device which then attached itself to her. This caused her severe pain resulting in her going on a rampage through Lumiose City and heading to the top of Prism Tower.

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