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Musician (Trainer class)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
AIn Musician''[[PS472|Wheeling appearedand with hisDealing]]'', {{padv|Eelektrik}White}] insecured business for her ''[[PS486|UnravelingBW MysteriesAgency]]'' by allowing [[Tep]] and [[Gigi]] to star in a music video alongside a group of four Musicians.
A Musician appeared with his {{p|Eelektrik}} in ''[[PS486|Unraveling Mysteries]]''.
Another Musician appeared in ''[[PS500|With a Little Help From My Friends]]''. He is based on the Musician who plays the guitar in Café Sonata and teaches {{p|Meloetta}} {{m|Relic Song}} in the games. He was impressed by {{adv|Bianca}}'s flute performances that White recorded and sent to him, thus invited the two to Café Sonata. By the time White and Bianca arrived, he had been attacked by a wild {{p|Vullaby}}, and his hand was broken as a result of the attack, which left him unable to play the guitar.

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