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Dusknoir [[Evolution|evolves]] from {{p|Dusclops}} when [[trade]]d holding a {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|Reaper Cloth}}. The Japanese name of the Reaper Cloth (れいかいのぬの ''Spirit World Cloth'') indicates that it comes from the Ghost World.
====[[Ultra BeastsBeast]]s====
The Ultra Beasts are native to the dimension known as [[Ultra Space]], which on rare occasions becomes connected with the [[Pokémon world]] via spacetime anomalies called [[Ultra Wormhole]]s. While the Ultra Beasts normally stay within Ultra Space, they can on occasion become stranded outside of it due to the formation of an Ultra Wormhole that leaves them unable to return. This can prove to be dangerous for anyone nearby, as the disorientation involved can often cause them to become violent.
====[[{{p|Cosmog]]}} and its evolutions====
Cosmog, along with its evolutions [[{{p|Cosmoem]]}}, [[{{p|Solgaleo]]}}, and [[{{p|Lunala]]}}, are also native to Ultra Space, as evident by their ability to create and manipulate Ultra Wormholes.
Although its exact origins are unknown, Necrozma's body structure and biology are similar to that of the Ultra Beasts, and according to the Pokédex it came from "another world" in ancient times.



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