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Mt. Coronet

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According to legend, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. {{p|Arceus}} created {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}}, and {{p|Giratina}} at the [[Spear Pillar]], as well as the [[Timespace orbs|Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs]], then fell into an unending sleep on the [[Hall of Origin|highest point of the mountain]].
Mt. Coronet has a strong[[special magnetic field]] that causes {{p|Magneton}} and {{p|Nosepass}} to evolve into {{p|Magnezone}} and {{p|Probopass}}, respectively, when leveled up here. This can still occur at the [[Spear Pillar]] and [[Hall of Origin]].

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