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<i>Hello thereHowdy!</i> IThis amis Dr.the Manny,page andof Ione amDr. aManny: hugeArtist, Pokémongamer, fan!and Letall-around megood explainguy.
As if my presence on Bulbapedia isn't any indication, I <i>adore</i> Pokémon. I actually don't know when I started liking Pokémon, but I've become a lifelong fan! Now, I'mve dyingbeen towatching getthe a[[Pokémon Nintendoanime|anime]] 3DSfor andheaven Pokémonknows how Xlong, soand I caneven getspecialize in ondrawing theseveral actionPokémon! And by several, I alreadymean knowsimple whoPokémon, mylike first{{p|Wobbuffet}} choiceor will{{p|Togepi}}. beGood ifluck Iasking getme it!to draw {{p|Charizard}} or {{p|Zekrom}}.
IYou workcan onfind twome comicon series[ One of them is Super RailersDeviantArt], aand crossoveryou comiccan aboutread amy diversewebcomic team of characters fighting the most offbeat villains! The other is <i>''Skeeter!</i>, about a robot and his various struggles. Did I tell you that a {{p|Wobbuffet}} is in this comic? You can check it out'' [ at this linkhere].]
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