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I saw nobody started on it yet, so I thought I'd put this here. It's still rather rough, so feel free to edit it as needed.
Silvally is a tall, quadruped with traits from a variety of animals.  Its formerly gray fur is now a brilliant white, and the silver spike at the tip of its mohawk is now longer and a darker grey.  The blade is now split further into two sections, with three additional white blades protruding from the back.   Silvally's upper jaw is metallic, with a 'rivet' on each side and a sharp, triangular hook angling downwards near the end, resembling that of a bird.  There are three red lines surrounding its black, triangular nose and a metallic 'strip' running along the middle of its snout, tapering off into a point near its ears.  Silvally's ears are the same white color as its fur on the outside, being black and red on the inside.  Two triangles of the same red color extend from the ears and point downwards.  Silvally's limbs and torso remain mainly unchanged, and the mane of fur cascading down Silvally's neck now fully covers its chest.  {{unsigned|Spirios}}

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