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Hypnosis (move)

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|n=95 |
|name=Hypnosis |
|jname=さいみんじゅつ |
|jtranslit=Saimin Jutsu |
|jtrans=Hypnosis |
|gameimage=Hypnosis.png |
|gameimage2=Hypnosis 2.png |
|gameimagewidth=300px |
|type=Psychic |
|damagecategory=Status |
|basepp=20 |
|maxpp=32 |
|power=— |
|accuracy={{tt|60|70% in Diamond and Pearl}} |
|gen=I |
|mtxd=yes |
|na=no |
|category=Smart |
|appeal=1 |
|jam=3 |
|cdesc=Badly startles those that have made appeals. |
|appealsc=2 |
|scdesc=Prevents the Voltage from going down in the same turn. |
|cdesc6=Badly startles all of the Pokémon to act before the user.|
pokefordex=hypnosis |touches=no
touches=no |protect=yes
protect|magiccoat=yes |
magiccoat=yes |snatch=no
snatch=no |mirrormove=yes
brightpowder=yes |kingsrock=no
kingsrock|sound=no |
flag7=no |target=anyadjacent
flag8=no |}}
sound=no |
target=anyadjacent |
footnotes= }}
'''Hypnosis''' (Japanese: '''さいみんじゅつ''' ''Hypnosis'') is a non-damaging {{type|Psychic}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation I]].
====[[Generation IV]]====
{{Moveentryspecial|151|Mew|1|Psychic||[[Hayley's trades#Mew|My Pokémon Ranch]]|}}
==In other generations==
|genI=Hypnosis I|
|genII=Hypnosis II|
|genIII=Hypnosis III|
|genIV=Hypnosis IV|
|genV=Hypnosis V|
|PMDRB=Hypnosis PMD RB|
|Stad=Hypnosis Stad|
|Stad2=Hypnosis Stad2|
|Colo=Hypnosis Colo|
|XD=Hypnosis XD|

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