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Held item

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In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series: Based on info on here, it seems like some of these items have an effect in the bag and don't need to be held || removed 'player' where seemingly not appropriate
These items increasesincrease the user's stats, or preventsprevent status conditions when held, or revealsreveal hidden items when held.
{{main|Scarf (Mystery Dungeon)}}
These items increasesincrease the user's stats or preventsprevent status conditions when held. someSome are also needed for evolution.
====Recruitment-affecting items====
{{main|Recruitment#Recruitment-affecting items|Recruitment → Recruitment-affecting items}}
These items increasesincrease the recruit rate when held.
====Exclusive items====
{{main|Exclusive item}}
These items raises a stat for all the Pokémon of an evolution family or type in the team when in the bag.
====Munch Belt====
{{main|Munch Belt}}
The Munch Belt raises the userholder's attackAttack and specialSpecial attackAttack by 8 each but empties the belly faster.
====Tight Belt====
{{main|Tight Belt}}
The Tight Belt prevents the userholder's belly from emptying.
====Miracle and Wonder Chest====
{{main|Experience-affecting item#In side games|Experience-affecting item → In side games}}
These items givesincrease the player moreholder's experience when heldgain.
====Seven Treasures====
{{main|Seven Treasures}}
These items raisesraise the recruit raterates of certain types when held.
====Mystery Part and Secret Slab====
{{main|Mystery Part and Secret Slab}}
These items makes certain Legendary and Mythical Pokémon appear on specific floors.
====Space Globe====
{{main|Space Globe}}
The Space Globe doubles the power of all of the playerholder's moves.
====IQ Booster====
{{main|IQ Booster}}
The IQ Booster giveincreases the playerIQ moregained IQby the holder as he/sheit travels between floors.
These items are exclusive to [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity|Gates to Infinity]] and; when held, they have various effects on the user and teammates around it.
Introduced in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]], these items raisesmay raise the userholder's stats or give the userholder other benefits and allowscan emerasbe toenhanced beby usedattaching on[[emera]]s to itthem.
==In the TCG==

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