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Brycen-Man Series

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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In [[PS530]], while {{adv|Cheren}}'s [[Pokémon academy|Trainers' School]] class was visiting the Pokéstar Studios, a reluctant [[Whi-Two]] was picked by [[Sabrina]], who was an actress in the Studios, to play the role of the heroine in ''Brycen-Man''. Using her {{p|Foongus}}, Dake-Chan, Whi-Two was given the role of "Foongus Girl". However, in the middle of the shooting, Mecha {{p|Tyranitar}} from the [[Big Monster Series]] appeared out of nowhere and started attacking everyone around. [[Lack-Two]], dressed up as the "Dewott Kid", used his {{pTP|Lack-Two|Dewott}} to stop the rampaging mecha and save Whi-Two. The unplanned scene was added to the final version of the movie, which the class watched together before leaving.
After the incident, it was revealed that the {{p|Vullaby}} that Brycen had been using during the filming was actually {{adv|White}}'s Barbara, which White, who had been involved in the creation of Pokéstar Studios, had lent to him.

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