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Sootopolis City

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Name origin
! Name
! Origin
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| Japanese
| ルネシティ ''Rune City''
| Possibly from ルネサンス ({{wp|Renaissance}}), 流 ''ru'' (flow), 瑠璃 ''ruri'' ({{wp|lapis lazuli}} or its blue color), and 涅 ''netsu'' (underwater soil containing alum that is traditionally used in dying black or dark colors)
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| English
| Sootopolis City
| From ''soot'', which is expelled when a volcano erupts, and ''polis'' (Greek for city)
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| French
| Atalanopolis
| Possibly from ''{{wp|Atlantis}}'' and ''polis'', Greek for city. May also be derived from ''{{wp|Vanessa atalanta}}'', whose French name (Vulcain) is derived from volcano.
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| German
| Xeneroville
| Possibly from ''xeno-'' (foreign), ''cenere'' (Italian for ash), or ''nero'' (Italian for black) and ''ville''
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| Italian
| Ceneride
| From ''cenere'' (ash)
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| Spanish
| Arrecípolis
| From ''arrecife'' (coral reef) and ''polis'' (Greek for city)
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| Korean
| 루네시티 ''Rune City''
| Same as the Japanese name
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| Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and mainland China}})
| 琉璃市 ''Liúlí Shì''
| Rough transliteration of its Japanese name; can be taken as "colored glaze city" or "glass city"
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| Vietnamese
| Thành phố Rune
| Transliteration of Japanese name

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