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'''Jonathan''' (Japanese: '''イサオ''' ''Isao'') is a [[character of the day]] from the {{pkmn|anime}} who appeared in ''[[AG157|Time Warp Heals All Wounds]]''.
[[File:Young Jonathan.png|thumb|left|220px|Jonathan in the past]]
Years ago, when they were young, Jonathan worked as a Pokémon pediatrician in [[Fuchsia City]] with his wife [[Edna]] as his assistant. He had been thinking about becoming an actual doctor for Pokémon, instead of simply tending their {{pkmn|Egg}}s. However, that would require leaving town for some time, to live in the city. Jonathan tried to persuade Edna to come with him, but she was reluctant. When Edna finally refused outright on leaving her hometown cause it meant too much to her, Jonathan left her with a note, claiming he loved her dearly, but he needed to seek this avenue.
He boarded the train, never knowing Edna was chasing after him to tell him she was {{wp|pregnant}}, and didn't return from that day on. A year after Jonathan left, Edna was given a letter claiming he died in an accident. However, in a state of {{wp|denial}}, she didn't believe this and went to wait for him at the station for years.



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