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Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 11

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Juniper Tells a Story
===Juniper Tells a Story===
When the group gets off of the plane, [[Professor Juniper]] explains why she brought you along. Two years ago, the legendary dragons {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}} each recognized a different Trainer as the hero, and followed its chosen Trainer. Juniper believes that there is no way [[Team Plasma]] can use them in their plans. She wants you to visit [[Opelucid City]] and ask [[Drayden]], the mayor, about the legendary dragons. To reach Opelucid, you need to first travel east through [[Reversal Mountain]], where [[Bianca]] is headed to do some research on []a fire type pokemon.
===Move Tutor===

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