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Solar Blade (move)

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|name=Solar Blade
|jtrans=???Solar Blade
|jtranslit=???Sōrā Burēdo
|gameimage=<!--SM Prerelease Solar Blade.png-->
'''Solar Blade''' (Japanese: '''ソーラーブレード''' '''???Solar Blade'') is a damage-dealing [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VII]].
Solar Blade charges up sunlight on the first turn and then unleashes the power as an attack on the second, in a manner similar to {{m|Solar Beam}}.
===[[Generation VII]]===
==In other languages==
{{incompleteLangtable|color={{unknown color}}|bordercolor={{unknown color dark}}
<!--{{Langtable|colorzh_yue=日光刃 ''{{unknowntt|Yahtgwōng color}}Yahn|bordercolor={{unknown colorSolar darkBlade}}''
|zh_yuezh_cmn=???日光刃 ''{{tt|???Rìguāng Rèn|???Solar Blade}}''
|zh_cmnfr=???Lame / ??? ''{{tt|???|???}}''Solaire
|deit=???Lama Solare
|itko=???솔라블레이드 ''Solar Blade''
|koru=???Солнечное Лезвие ''???Solnechnoye Lezviye''
|rues=???Cuchilla ''???''Solar
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}
[[fr:DanseLame ÉveilSolaire]]
[[itzh:Mutadanza (mossa)日光刃(招式)]]

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