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[[File:Gsball.jpg|thumb|right|220px|An episode of ''Pokémon Sunday'' leading up to the [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|Gold and Silver remakes]]]]
[[File:PSGEN5.png|thumb|right|220px|An episode of ''Pokémon Sunday'' with [[Junichi Masuda]] himself revealing the first silhouette of a [[Generation V]] Pokémon, {{p|Zoroark}}]]
[[File:PokéSun May09 10.png|thumb|The silhouettes of the {{p|Snivy|three}} {{p|Tepig|Unova}} {{p|Oshawott|starters}} revealed on Pokémon Sunday]].
* The structure of the Research episodes (2004/10 to 2006/9):
*# Opening theme



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