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Pokémon in the Netherlands

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Pokémon video games
|BW001=February 25, 2011{{tt|*|Sneak peek, Disney XD}}<br>September 4, 2011{{tt|*|Actual season premiere, Disney XD}}
|XY001=April 18, 2014{{tt|*|Directly after last BW episode after Pokemon the movie 16, DisneyXD24}}
|SM001=November 27, 2016{{tt|*|Sneak peek}}<br>August 26, 2017{{tt|*|Pokémon TV}}
The Pokémon franchise first arrived in the '''{{wp|Netherlands}}''' in 1999, with the first broadcast of ''[[EP001|Pokémon, ik kies jou!]]'' in Dutch. The release of [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions]] followed afterwards, on October 10, 1999 in the English language.
==Pokémon Videovideo Gamesgames==
All of the [[core series]] and [[spin-off Pokémon games|spin-off]] [[Pokémon games]] have been released in English in the Netherlands, usually the same day as the release in the {{wp|Unitedrest Kingdom}}of Europe. An exception to this were [[Pokémon {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions]]|s}}. Due to a major bug found in some releases of Pokémon HeartGold, which prevented saved games from being detected, the release was postponed from March 25th to April 2nd, 2010 in both the Netherlands and Flanders (Dutch-speaking part of Belgium).
As in the rest of Europe, [[Pokémon Trozei!]] was sold under the title '''Pokémon Link!''' and [[Pokémon Rumble Blast]] was sold under the title '''Super Pokémon Rumble'''.
[[Pokémon Play It!]] was released in Dutch as '''Pokémon: Speel het!'''. The interface of [[Pokémon Trading Card Game Online]] is in Dutch but the cards themselves remain in English.
On August 19 and 20, 2000 Nintendo Benelux organised the Dutch Pokémon Championship 2000 in {{wp|Six Flags Holland}}. 3 x 128 Pokémon Trainers could battle for the Pika Cup, Poké Cup and the Prime Cup using their Pokémon from Red, Blue, or Yellow. Using Transfer Paks these Pokémon were moved to Pokémon Stadium, which was used for battling.<ref></ref>
==Pokémon anime==
===Pokémon anime series===
Pokémon was originally broadcasted in the Netherlands on '''Fox Kids'''. On February 23, 2005, the network was renamed '''Jetix''' and then again on January 1, 2010, as '''Disney XD'''.
When Fox Kids announced it would stop broadcasting Pokémon in March 2001, 32,000 complaining children called to Fox Kids. It turned out to be a 1 April joke, when the channel announced on 1 April that the third season would begin airing the same day.<ref></ref>
TheEpisodes firstand fourmovies {{pkmn|movie}}sin ([[M01]]the DutchNetherlands premiere:generally 20debut Aprila 2000;few [[M02]]weeks Dutchafter premiere:the 12first Octoberairing 2000;in the United States. A notable exception to this was ''[[M03]]SS020|Pokémon DutchMystery premiereDungeon: 23Explorers Mayof 2001;Time [[M04& Darkness]]'' Dutchwhich premiere:aired 3in JulyDutch 2003)''before'' sawairing ain releaseEnglish anywhere in Dutchthe theatersworld. LaterWhich movies,together as wellwith the special[[SS019|first episodes,Pokémon areMystery regularlyDungeon broadcastedspecial]], onthree Disney[[Pikachu XD.short]]s The([[PK01]], last[[PK04]] Pokémonand movie[[PK07]]), to[[The beUncut releasedStory inof theMewtwo's NetherlandsOrigin]] on(part VHSof was[[M01]]) [[M04SS026]], the(part lastof release[[M16]]), on[[Mewtwo DVDReturns]] wasand [[M15The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]] andwere therethe haveonly beenspecials noof Blu-raythe releasesPokémon anime to be released in the Netherlands.
Episodes and movies in the Netherlands generally debut a few weeks after the first airing in the United States. A notable exception to this was ''[[SS020|Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness]]'' which aired in Dutch ''before'' airing in English anywhere in the world. Which together with the [[SS019|first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon special]], four [[Pikachu short]]s ([[PK01]], [[PK04]], [[PK07]] and [[PK11]]), [[The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origin]] (part of [[M01]]) [[SS026]] (part of [[M16]]), [[Mewtwo Returns]] and [[The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]] were the only specials of the Pokémon anime to be released in the Netherlands.
The Dutch dub also airs in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of [[Pokémon in Belgium|Belgium]]. In both Belgium and the Netherlands the anime is available on [[Netflix]].
From 1999 until 2006, JPS Producties was the company responsible for producing the Dutch dub. From 2007 until 2008, it was Fred Butter Soundstudio; and starting in 2008, it was SDI Media (formerly Sun Studio).
===Pokémon movies===
The first four {{pkmn|movie}}s ([[M01]] Dutch premiere: 20 April 2000, more than 525,000 visitors in total; [[M02]] Dutch premiere: 12 October 2000, more than 356,000 visitors in total; [[M03]] Dutch premiere: 23 May 2001, more than 183,000 visitors in total; [[M04]] Dutch premiere: 3 July 2003, more than 18,500 visitors in total) saw a release in Dutch theaters. Later movies, as well the special episodes, are regularly broadcasted on Disney XD. The last Pokémon movie to be released in the Netherlands on VHS was [[M04]], the last release on DVD was [[M15]] and there have been no Blu-ray releases.
Most of the movies held the original voice actors. However, the distributor for movies 4-7 chose for another dubbing studio. As a result, most of the original cast was replaced by other voice actors. Only '''Christa Lips''' as Ash and '''Marlies Somers''' as Misty remained. From movie 5 and on, they, too, got replaced by new voice actors.
Beside the replaced voice actors, the dub was also not of high quality. The dialogue and title song were poorly translated, and at some scenes, the English dub voices could still be heard, or no voices would be present at all. The [[Pikachu short]] was also not included anymore.
From 2007 on, the movies did not premiere anymore on DVD, but rather on TV (Jetix and later Disney XD). This meant that the dubbing was once again of high quality and held the original cast.
[[M08]] premiered on November 11, 2007 at Jetix, [[M09]] on November 18, 2007 at Jetix and two movie posters were given away with Jetix Magazine of the movies. [[M12]] premiered on February 24, 2010 at Disney XD, [[M14|Black—Victini and Reshiram]] on May 20, 2012 at Disney XD, [[M14|White—Victini and Zekrom]] on 18:00 June 13, 2012 at the digital channel Disney XD 24 uur (the normal Disney XD airs until 18:00), [[M15]] on 09:00 April 7, 2013 at Disney XD.
On November 27, 2016, [[M19]] aired on Disney XD.
The lead role of [[Ash Ketchum]] is performed by '''Christa Lips''' (born 1964), a Dutch actress and singer. Christa also voiced [[Cassidy]] in season 2 and 8.
'''Marlies Somers''' (born January 16, 1973) gave her voice to {{an|Misty}}, while '''Fred Meijer''' is the voice of {{an|Brock}}, [[Gurkinn]], [[Butch]] (S02) as well as [[Giovanni]] in seasons 3-6.
In season 2, the role of [[Tracey Sketchit]] was voiced by '''Martin van den Ham''' (September 15, 1962 - March 9, 2001), an actor and comedian. After his sudden death of cardiac arrest at the age of 38, Tracey's recurring appearances were performed by '''Rolf Koster''' (born February 25, 1968). In [[M03]] Tracey was voiced by '''Tony Neef''' (born January 29, 1961).
In the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, {{an|May}} was voiced by '''Nicoline van Doorn''' and [[Max]] was voiced by '''Lot Lohr''' (born June 3, 1963).
In the {{series|Best Wishes}}, {{an|Iris}} is voiced by '''José Kroon''' and {{an|Cilan}} is voiced by '''Jurjen van Loon''' (born September 14, 1983)
In the {{series|XY}}, {{an|Serena}} is voiced by '''Tara Hetharia''', {{an|Clemont}} is voiced by '''Christian Nieuwenhuizen''', and {{an|Bonnie}} is voiced by '''Manou Jue Cardoso'''. [[Professor Sycamore]] is voiced by '''Rutger le Poole'''.
[[Jessie]] is dubbed by '''Hilde de Mildt''' (born November 19, 1959), she has also dubbed [[Officer Jenny]] in one episode.<ref></ref> [[James]] was originally dubbed by '''Bram Bart''' (April 32, 1962 - April 8, 2012), who also voiced [[Gary Oak]], but in season 8 the role was given to '''Paul Disbergen''', also the voice of [[Butch]] in season 8.
{{MTR}} also had a change of voice actors at the same time, from '''Jan Nonhof''' (born December 9, 1947) to '''Bas Keijzer''' (born March 31, 1973) because of his disagreement with the change of the dub company.<ref></ref> In season 15, Bas Keijzer has been replaced with '''Fred Meijer''' who previously provided the voice of Brock and Giovanni.
[[{{an|Giovanni]]}} has had many voice actors. He was originally voiced by '''Just Meijer''' (born 1956), in season 2 '''Stan Limburg''' gave his voice. From season 3 to season 6 '''Fred Meijer''', who also did the voice of Brock, dubbed him and in the special [[Mewtwo Returns]], '''Sander de Heer''' did Giovanni's voice. From season 6 to 7 '''Just Meijer''' did Giovanni's voice again but he was replaced by '''Bas Keijzer''', who also did {{MTR}}'s voice. In season 14, '''Just Meijer''' returned once again and he is the current voice of Giovanni and also voiced [[Stephan]] in his debut episode.
[[Pokédex|Dexter]] and [[Professor Oak]] were voiced by '''Jon van Eerd''' (born September 5, 1960) up to season 7, at which point he was replaced by '''Tony Neef''' (born January 29, 1961), who also voiced [[Gary Oak]] ([[AG146]]-present), [[Harley]] (S08-09), [[Paul]] and [[Butch]] (season 9S09-present). In season 11, Professor Oak's role was moved to '''Thijs van Aken''' (born May 5, 1969), while Dexter's role was moved to '''Hetty Heyting''' (born October 19, 1953), also the voice of [[Zoey]] (S10-13), [[Cassidy]] (season 9S09-present), and [[Vivian Meridian]] (S08). In [[S17]] Professor Oak was voiced by '''Florus van Rooijen'''. In 2 episodes Dexter was voiced by '''Hilde de Mildt''' (born November 19, 1959). After that Dexter was voiced by '''Just Meijer''' and concurrently in Kalos by '''Edna Kalb'''.
Other notable voice actors in the Dutch dub include '''Jeroen Keers''' as the [[narrator]], '''Mandy Huydts''' (born April 9, 1969) as [[Nurse Joy]] (season 1S01-13S13) and [[Cassidy]] (seasonS1), 1'''Lizemijn Libgott''' (born May 24, 1980) as [[Nurse Joy]] (S14-present), [[Gardenia]] (S10), [[Sophie]] and [[Viola]], '''Edna Kalb''' (born October 11, 1959) as [[Officer Jenny]] (season 1S01-13S13) and [[Delia Ketchum]] in one episode, '''Saskia Maarleveld''' as [[Officer Jenny]] and [[Fennel]] (season 14S14), '''Beatrijs Sluyter''' as [[Delia Ketchum]], [[J]] (S12), [[Lilian Meridian]], and [[Marian]], '''Edward Reekers''' (born May 24, 1957) and '''Pepijn Gunneweg''' (born May 18, 1976) as [[Todd Snap]], '''Niki Romijn''' as [[Ritchie]] and [[Casey]] (S03, S04 and S05), '''Sander van der Poel''' (born September 19, 1986) as [[Drew]], '''Huub Dikstaal''' (born January 6, 1968) as [[Drew]] (S07-09), [[Butch]] (S01), [[Kenny]] (S11-S12), [[Scott]] and [[Pierce]], '''Finn Poncin''' as [[Butch]] (S05), '''Lottie Hellingman''' (born August 7, 1977) as [[Cassidy]] (S03, S04 and S05), '''Marjolein Algera''' (born November 25, 1965) as [[Nurse Joy]] in [[M01]] and [[Vivian Meridian]] (S06 and S07), '''Lotte Horlings''' (born April 10, 1979) as [[J]] (S10 and S11), '''Frank Rigter''' (season 11S11-12S12) and '''Mitchell van den Dunge Bille''' (season 12S12-13S13) as {{an|Barry}}, [[Kenny]] (S10) and as [[Drew]] (S06), '''Thijs van Aken''' (born May 5, 1969) as [[Trip]] (S14), '''Fleur van de Water''' as {{an|Bianca}}, '''Eva Burmeister''' as [[Burgundy]], '''Natalie Hanenveld''' as [[Georgia]], '''Trevor Reekers''' (born June 21 1988) as [[Luke]], '''Levi van Kempen''' as [[Gary Oak]] (S09-11), '''Leon Wiedijk''' (S12), '''Jannemien Cnossen''' as [[Nurse Joy]] in [[M10]], '''Donna Vrijhof''' as [[Nurse Joy]] in two episodes, [[Matori]] and [[Grace (Kalos)|Grace]], '''Jeroen van Wijngaarden''' as [[Paul]] (S10-S13), '''Ruud Drupsteen''' as [[Kenny]] (S13), '''Frans Limburg''' as [[Stephan]] (S14), '''Nathalie Haneveld''' as [[Georgia]] (S14), '''Florus van Rooijen''' as [[Paul]] in one episode, '''Tineke Blok''' as [[Officer Jenny]] ([[S17]]), [[Alexa]] and [[Cosette]], '''Nicoline van Doorn''' as [[Korrina]] and [[Lyra]], [[Cynthia]] was voiced by '''Marieke de Kruijf''' in S10, '''Lotte Horlings''' in S11 and by '''Donna Vrijhof''' in S12, '''Ewout Eggink''' as [[Professor Birch]] (S06), '''Jann Cnossen''' as [[Matori]] (S14) and [[Professor Juniper]], '''Louis van Beek''' as [[Professor Birch]] (S07 and S08) and [[Professor Rowan]], and '''Paul Disbergen''' as [[Butch]] (S9), [[Gary Oak]] in one episode and [[Dr. Zager]].
Most of the movies held the original voice actors. However, the distributor for movies 4-7 chose for another dubbing studio. As a result, most of the original cast was replaced by other voice actors. Only '''Christa Lips''' as Ash and '''Marlies Somers''' as Misty remained. From movie 5 and on, they, too, got replaced by new voice actors.==Pokémon manga==
[[File:PokemonMysteryDungeonGinjisReddingsteam.png|thumb|right|[[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team]] in Dutch]]
BesideEnglish the[[Pokémon replacedAdventures]] voicevolumes actors,published theby dub[[VIZ wasMedia]] alsoare notimported ofand highsold Thethe dialogueNetherlands andby titlecomic/manga songstores. were[[Pokémon poorlyMystery translated,Dungeon: andGinji's atRescue someTeam]] scenes,was thetranslated Englishinto dubDutch voicesand couldserialized stillin bethree heard,parts oralongside no2007 voicespublications would be presentof atJetix allMagazine.
From 2007 on, the movies did not premiere anymore on DVD, but rather on TV (Jetix and Disney XD). This meant that the dubbing was once again of high quality and held the original cast.
==Pokémon Trading Card Game==
{{TCG|Booster pack}}s of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] have been sold in the Netherlands since the beginning of the TCG. Prices are generally around €4 per pack. {{TCG|Base Set}}, {{TCG|Jungle}}, and {{TCG|Fossil}} have been released in Dutch, while later sets have been sold in English only.
999 Games was responsible for the distribution in Flanders and the Netherlands until 2003 when Wizards of the Coast's license was transferred to the The Pokémon Company International by Nintendo. After that PS-Games was responsible for the distribution until 2011 as PS-Games, also the sponsor and distributor of the [[Pokémon Day (the Netherlands)|Pokémon Day in the Netherlands]], was declared bankrupt. The company saw the profits fall with €3.9 million to €5.6 million and was in debt by €2.2 million. After that Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V. took over the distribution of the TCG. 999 Games did sometimes still distribute the cards after 2003 but purchased through PS-Games.<ref></ref>
There are nineteen [[Play! Pokémon]] leagues in the Netherlands, which work the same way as leagues in other countries. Once every year, the leagues in the Netherlands and Belgium hold an international tournament called the Benelux Cup.
Fox Kids regularly organised a ''Pokémon Trading Card Liga'' in Six Flags, visitors could trade and play Pokémon Trading Cards.
==Pokémon manga==
[[File:PokemonMysteryDungeonGinjisReddingsteam.png|thumb|right|[[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team]] in Dutch]]
English [[Pokémon Adventures]] volumes are imported and sold in the Netherlands by comic/manga stores. [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team]] was translated in Dutch and serialized in three parts alongside 2007 publications of Jetix Magazine.
* Like {{pmin|Germany}} and {{pmin|Italy}}, an annual event named [[Pokémon Day (the Netherlands)|Pokémon Day]] was held in 2006 (two times), 2008, 2009 and 2010 in the Netherlands by Nintendo at {{wp|Walibi World}}.
[[File:NLPOKE00616 0.jpg|thumb|right|Pokemon Offical Magazine issue 6/2016 of the Dutch version]]
* A Dutch version of [[Pokémon Official Magazine]] is published in the Netherlands by Panini.
* [[Pokémon coins]] and [[Pokémon Tazos#The Netherlands|Pokémon Flippos]] were given away in the Netherlands.
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