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Poké Maniac (Trainer class)

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I'd be pretty disturbed if the hair was in trenchcoats
|manga={{chap|Black & White}} <!--[[ABWXX/PSXXX]]-->({{pkmn|Adventures}})
A '''Poké Maniac''' or '''PokéManiac''' (Japanese: '''かいじゅうマニア''' ''{{wp|Kaiju|Monster}} Maniac'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation I]] games. They were originally presented as strange boys with long hair inwho wear trenchcoats. In Generation III, they were changed so that they became {{pkmn|cosplay}}ers dressing up in beast-like costumes.
They tend to use Pokémon in the {{egg3|Monster}}—such as {{p|Lairon}}, {{p|Lickitung}} and {{p|Charmander}}.

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