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Meanwhile, Ash and his friends search for Piplup, with the aid of [[Ash's Staraptor]]. Ash interrupts Gible gnawing on a tree and asks it to help search. Gible runs forward and latches onto a hidden Rhyperior's tail, aggravating it and forcing Ash and his friends to flee from its Flash Cannon.
Piplup, still with Team Rocket, tells about his problems with Ash's Gible and how he has reached his limit with the most recent event, even as going as far to say it's planning to head back to [[Professor Rowan]]'s lab in [[Sandgem Town]]. Jessie comforts Piplup as she and James decide to find Ash and Dawn.
With no luck finding Piplup, Ash recalls Staraptor. Jessie and James, using their disguise, confront Ash and Dawn. After they tell Dawn how Piplup felt about the recent events, and getting the riot act read to them by the disguised duo, she and Ash realize that they owe Piplup an apology. While demanding that they take a counseling class, Jessie and James demand Ash and Dawn's other Pokémon. Before anything happens, the same Rhyperior shows up and fires a barrage of Flash Cannons, forcing them to flee, but it also separates Ash and his friends from Jessie and James. Pikachu also gets separated.
* {{p|Murkrow}} (picture)
* [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Examination]]: {{p|Golem}}
* This episode marks the first time Piplup has gained {{m|Hydro Pump|a new move}} since learning {{m|Whirlpool}}, which occurred ''[[DP026|Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!]]'', 138 episodes ago.
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