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Pokémon Trainer's Choice

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Advanced Challenge: We don't know if it was meant to be Beautifly and they accidentally used Nuzleaf's name, or if it was meant to be Nuzleaf and they accidentally used Beautifly's picture.
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|214|Heracross}}<br>{{p|Heracross}}
| [[File:PTC AG074.png|100px]]
| This is incorrect because Combusken is {{t|Fighting|weak}} to {{t|Psychic}}. Beautifly would be the best choice since it has an advantage and a {{t|Bug|double}} {{t|Flying|resistance}} to Fighting.<br>Also, Nuzleaf's name appears under Beautifly's image. If Nuzleaf was meant to be one of the choices, it would be the best, since all choices would then be weak to one of Meditite's types, but Nuzleaf would be immune to the other.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| [[AG075]]

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