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The second round starts with May battling Jessie. Jessie sends out Dustox and tells it to use {{m|Tackle}} and then Rainbow, a move that {{MTR}} is operating backstage. May tells Beautifly to dodge it and use {{m|String Shot}}. Dustox then uses {{m|Whirlwind}} to send it back and hit Beautifly, making May lose points. Dustox then uses a {{m|Poison Sting}}, which May knocks back with {{m|Gust}}, making it lose points and damaging the rainbow device. Dustox then uses Tackle and May counters it with {{m|Silver Wind}}. Dustox loses even more points and damages the device even further. May congratulates Beautifly while Jessie is furious. Jessie then tells Dustox to use its strongest {{m|Psybeam}}, which fails when Meowth discovers the remote is broken. Beautifly uses Tackle, which sends Dustox flying back, losing all its points and destroying the device.
May wins the round. The device falls off Dustox and the whole audience sees that Jessie cheated. [[Raoul Contesta]] stands up and attempts to disqualify her, at which point Jessie screams and throws a yellow Poké Ball which releases yellow dust. When the dust clears, {{TRT}} is standing there, attempting to steal everyone's Pokémon. Ash jumps up and tells {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, sendingto blast Team Rocket flyingoff once again.
As the second round continues, Grace and Drew battle. Grace sends out Medicham and Drew sends out Roselia. Drew starts off with {{m|Magical Leaf}}, which Grace uses {{m|Meditate}} to dodge. Then Medicham uses {{m|Ice Punch}}, which Roselia gracefully dodges. It then uses {{m|Petal Dance}}, which Medicham stops in midair with {{m|Confusion}} and sends back, causing Roselia to lose points. Drew then commands Roselia to use {{m|Solar Beam}}. Grace tells Medicham to use Ice Punch on the ground, which builds a shield around Roselia, causing it to hit itself. Grace wins the battle after knocking it out with a powerful High Jump Kick.

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