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Plot: Singular
As Pikachu walks forward towards Axew, the girl excitedly picks him up and starts playing with his cheeks, hugging him tightly and starts cuddling him. She asks Ash about Pikachu, and the two then formally introduce each other. The girl is actually named {{an|Iris}}. During the conversation, Pikachu struggles to breathe and discharges a lot of electricity, causing Iris to drop to the ground. Later on, Iris apologizes to Pikachu, and she questions Ash about the incident that happened yesterday. Upon hearing that Professor Juniper described the Pokémon as Zekrom, she starts further questioning him, but Ash and Pikachu, having spotted a {{p|Deerling}}, became distracted and chases after it.
Somewhere in a cave, [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTR}} are reporting to {{an|Giovanni}}, who has learnt that their infiltration to the Unova region was successful. The {{TRT}} trio, plotting to capture Pikachu and a legendary Pokémon they had encountered, requests to have their Pokémon that they had left in the Headquarters. However, [[Matori]] interrupts, and tells them that using Pokémon that are not native to Unova would raise suspicions, so they will have to catch Pokémon only found in Unova. {{MTR}} then wonders if he will be alright, as he is not native to Unova. Giovanni takes his leave, and the three become very determined to succeed. Back at {{an|Team Rocket HQ|the HQ}}, Giovanni once again reaffirms his secretary's doubts by telling her that trusts the trio, and that he is sure that their operations will result in Unova's secret organization revealing themselves. Meanwhile, the trio areis inspecting the 'Starter Kit' they have been sent (which comes with Poké Balls), when a colony of {{p|Woobat}} flies towards them.
Back in the forest, Ash spots a herd of Deerling near a pond, and checks his Pokédex. He throws a Poké Ball at one of them, to which it easily deflected with its head. Iris then teases Ash for not battling the Deerling first, to which Ash responds he was trying his luck even though he hasn't done so in a while. Ash is about to send Pikachu into battle when suddenly, one of the Deerling alerts the herd, and they all run away. Apparently, the Deerling was alerted because a scurry of {{p|Patrat}} was on a rampage, rather than it being due to Pikachu's presence.

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